Brandy Creek

Exploration rock chip samples by IGM (2018) delineated high gold values on the NW workings at Brandy Creek with 10 samples over a 130m strike length including gold assays running at 11.5g/t and 12.75g/t; and averaging around 7g/t. Other results included 15.25g/t and 4.3g/t in the south eastern group. Such results encouraged the initial drilling of this area.

The 2018 drilling programme saw 148 Reverse Circulation (RC) holes drilled for 11,130m. Out of this total 21 holes were drilled at Brandy Creek for 2,203.5m which targeted the investigation of the extent of the mapped historical workings and mineralised quartz veins.


These results represent the first drilling by the company at Brandy Creek as the team had only just completed the construction of an access road into this highly prospective area. Results made for good reading with some important points that are clearly emerging from these exploration and drilling results:

High grade gold – Just below the 1930s workings at Victory high grade gold was intersected and +5g/t gold was returned at Olympus. Impressive grades as high as 47g/t gold have been discovered at Brandy Creek, which are reassuringly close to the average grade historically mined here of 51g/t.

Mesothermal – These intersections provided critically important evidence that the Brandy Creek workings mined mesothermal gold mineralisation hosted within typically steeply dipping 10-30cm wide quartz veins plus there is a zone of alteration within the host that is generally around 1m in width. In addition, there is associated alteration which is relatively consistent with moderate to strong green sericite-chlorite alteration. This zone of alteration can extend within the host granite for up to several metres from the veins but is generally around 1m wide. These intersections also clearly show that gold mineralisation lodes extend from the surface to depth at Brandy Creek.

Similarities with Brilliant Brumby Line – The mineralisation at the Brandy Creek is seen to be similar to that discovered at the Brilliant Brumby historic mine which is typically hosted by quartz veining trending N-S in contrast to the general NE-SW trend of the major faults and lineaments in the region.


Brandy Creek